Interested in writing a quality article on iAmAttila?

The following are key requirements, not suggestions. If you don’t follow them, your contribution will not be published.

You Must Meet These Editorial Guidelines to Be Considered

Important rule #1: Do Your Keyword Research by Targeting a SPECIFIC Keyword

SEO is very important driving force behind a well balanced marketing plan. We need to make sure that the articles continue to receive passive visitors for many years to come. Best way to do this is to write a highly useful article for people and not those crappy articles ‘professional article writer’ spew out on upWork that when read by a real human interested in the topic, looks like bunch of blah blah blah text they threw up.

Can’t follow these rules? Then the iAmAttila affiliate marketing blog is not a good fit.

When doing keyword research, we recommend you use aHrefs. There should be minimum 1000 words per month in the USA and the keywords should relate to affiliate marketing and digital advertising somehow. There has to be a correlation.  

When submitting your guest post pitch, be sure to include the keyword research docs in the email!

Important rule #2: Your content should be the most useful, best content there is for the keyword.

We don’t want the crappy articles the shitty writers that have no clue about a subject throw together. We want the very best of the best. aHrefs recommends you analyze the top 10 SERPS for the keyword you want to write about and see what kind of content the top ranking articles have in them, what kind of searcher intent they answer.

Your content should cover the topic of your choice in super, duper great detail, including supporting images and/or screenshots so it’s crystal clear what the benefits are. Take a look at the Ultimate Guide to AdPlexity that shows a visitor how to spy in many different ways and harness the power of this amazing competitive intelligence tool right here.

The article you submit must be at least 2000 words long and very well structured. Be sure to use headlines, add a table of contents, use quotes, and references like they do on Wikipedia.

When submitting work, it has to be 100% unique and original. YOUR OWN WORK! We are going to review all the material rigorously, so if you submit us some re-written crap we are going to know! We only want things featured on iAmAttila that provide insane value to the visitor and satisfy their search intent.

Important Rule #3: Format it so it looks beautiful

To lower bounce rate and make it easy for visitors of iAmAttila to consume the value of your article, make sure it’s formatted nicely.

Your post should include:

  • Meaningful H2 subheadings to break up subtopics. These subheads should include your main keyword and related secondary keywords.
  • Proper citation to relevant internal (use our search feature) and highly authoritative (DR/DA > 60) external resources.
  • Relevant images or screenshots. Must use royalty-free images and credit to source.
  • Your author bio (you can include links here). This should contain an image of you, a brief description about you, and your title/position. We will not accept guest posts without a bio

Important rule #4: Only Submit a Single Topic Idea!

If you are unsure of the content, then we don’t want to work with you. That’s why we don’t want people testing the waters with ideas, instead we want the sure bet, the very best article you could submit that shows confidence.


Now that you understand our requirements. Get ready to submit your article. Remember we receive dozens of guest post requests every week and we only pick the very best that will provide amazing value for our visitors.

  • Make sure you do proper keyword research.
  • Ensure the article you want to submit, we didn’t already cover on this site.
  • We accept submissions in Google Docs.
  • Only English language content will be accepted.
  • Check your work through Hemingway, it has to be easy to ready.
  • Send your pitch to
  • Use the Subject line: “iAmAttila GuestPost Article PITCH”
  • Link to the GDoc version of your article.

We’ll get back to your pitch within 5 business days. If you don’t hear back from us within this time frame, you can assume that your pitch was not accepted.