Top CPA Networks To Work With in 2021 – Here are the 4 best ones.

Here are the top cpa networks for affiliate marketers in 2021 based on votes by members of iAmAffiliate.

“Choose Your Friends Wisely, and Also Choose Friends That You Can Trust”

Elyn Sasks

The famous quote holds true for the partners (CPA Networks) you work with as an affiliate marketer. The last thing you want is to get ripped off and not get paid the money owed. And you also want to make sure, they got offers that convert – because otherwise you will just blow your budget and make nothing. Just experience frustration and stress.

I’ve been in this game for a really, really long time (since 2008 starting with SEO). I’ve seen countless CPA Networks with funky names come and go and pop up then disappear overnight. And you’ve guessed it, with them went the money of the affiliate marketer, they never paid of course.

You don’t want to be the person that gets ripped off right? That’s why I compiled this list of top CPA networks you can trust, that are managed by really good people who value long term business relationships more than making a quick buck and disappearing overnight.

#1 – Supremedia (Financial Lead Gen CPA Network)

One of my favorite verticals online is business opportunity, aka biz op. It’s ever green, and it’s not going anywhere. Ever. People always want to make money, easy money. That’s why they are dying for the opportunity. These guys have licensed investment offers from the top investment houses in the world, and they pay upwards of $1000 per conversion to the affiliate marketer.

What I really like about them is the team behind it. They are very good people, who are always available to their affiliate marketing partners and you will find them at conferences and industry events. Always putting on something fun and exciting for their partners.

They are also willing to work with you 1 on 1, provide test budgets for campaigns and help with managing the account situation on Facebook Ads and Google Ads. They also pay on custom schedules when you are having cashflow issues, so they are truly bad ass. Been working with them since 2017 and they are always adding new, exclusive offers no one has and cover over 20 of the top geos in the world that convert like fire.

Get an account with Supremedia right here >>

#2 – Clickdealer (Whitehat Lead Gen, Sweepstakes, Dating, Ecom)

I have been working with Clickdealer ever since 2014. They are a multi-national CPA network with some of the coolest veterans in the industry. They don’t just stick to what works now, they are continously doing Research and Development to get with the times. Since last year, I’ve been working a lot with them and made over $x,xxx,xxx from their exclusive, in house lead gen offers in the home improvement, insurance verticals.

If you read my blog, You know I always talk about what’s working right now, and well lead gen is my favorite vertical to run in 2021 and probably for many years to come. These guys create HQ offers that convert and make their lead buyers happy. If you are interested in highly ethical vertical, lead gen is it because in order to make it work for you – you must run really good ads that get high quality customers for the people buying the leads. It’s really fun.

Clickdealer also has a lot of sweepstakes, dating and ecom offers, but my focus has been lead gen with them since last year.

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#3 – LeadBit (Cash on Delivery Offers)

There’s a ton of Russian networks, and one of the biggest ones and most trustable names is LeadBit. They create Cash on Delivery offers for all kinds of problems. From high blood pressure, to vericose veins. You name it. The reason why I like working with them is because their offers convert when someone puts in their phone #. The call center calls them after that, gets their mailing address to finalize the order. You get paid once the order has been bagged. It’s super easy to convert because all they need to give is a phone number. And this is great, because the more fields/data a user has to enter, the less they are likely to convert.

One more great thing about LeadBit is they have offers for tier2 and tier3 geos. If you want to make money, this is a great thing. Usually affiliates focus on English speaking geos, so the competition is like 10x more than in other countries because of that. If you go where there’s less competition, the success potential goes up big time for you as an affiliate marketer.

Click here To create an Account on LeadBit >>

#4 – AdCombo (Health & Wealth Offers)

I came across Adcombo after a friend told me about them many years ago. Immediately what I really liked about them was that they give you prelanders, and offer pages so you don’t have to make your own. This process of creating landers and editing them is so time consuming, it’s the reason why I don’t test a lot of offers CPA networks spam me to try. I just don’t have 100 designers on hand to make landers, only to fail and waste my time & money.

Adcombo has many prelanders and landers for each offer. They will tell you which one does best on the type of paid traffic you are running and get you a link in like a few minutes. So you can sign in to your traffic source like Zeropark and just launch campaigns.

These guys have so many different offers from health to wealth that it’s best if you just sign up and browse around.

They have an amazing team that’s really close knit. They have low turnover (unlike many of those American cpa networks) employees generally love working at Adcombo. So Even after 6 years of working with them, still the same core crew is there. Which is freaking awesome, because when you attend industry events you will always run into familiar faces — friends.

My rep at Adcombo is Ella, but Una also helps me here and there. You will not go wrong with either.

Get an account with Adcombo, and tell them Attila sent ya!

One of the tricks to success in affiliate marketing is to choose your right partners. You will not go wrong working with any of these CPA Networks. In fact, you might want to sign up on all of them then group the similar offers from them and split test. You just never know which one will perform the best!

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